Coronavirus Roundup: This Week's COVID-19 News

Scientists are studying the coronavirus.
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The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the coronavirus, is at the forefront of everyone's mind. The team at Inside Edition is working to cover the many ways it is affecting everyday life and find answers to the questions everyone has. Here's the latest.

The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the coronavirus, is at the forefront of everyone's mind. The team at Inside Edition is working to cover the many ways it is affecting everyday life and find answers to the questions everyone has. Here's the latest: 

Stuck inside and in need of a friend, college student Lillian Kogan placed a Post-it Note on her window that read simply, “Hi.” Soon after, a Post-it Note appeared on the window of the apartment across the way. After a few exchanges, Kogan spotted who she was talking to: an elderly couple. Lillian was so excited about her new friends, baked them chocolate chip cookies as a treat. She left the cookies in their lobby with a note and her phone number, in case they needed anything.

After recovering from a frightening case of coronavirus, a Detroit news anchor is battling something else: survivor’s guilt. Evrod Cassimy’s wife and two children were also sick, and he says he doesn’t take anything for granted as they all recover. Many patients who are hospitalized are disconnected from family members once they’re admitted, as visitors are heavily restricted. To offset that, one New York City doctor has collected over 600 iPads to aid communication between loved ones.

Curbside pickup is the phenomenon sweeping stores and businesses across the United States. Customers place orders online and then drive up to grab their package without ever stepping foot in the store. At Target, you can even have an employee scan your order’s bar code through the window and load your items directly into your car trunk. Some businesses are getting creative with their contactless delivery; one company is even using a dog to bring out goods!

We’re learning about a new symptom of COVID-19 from doctors in Europe, who are reporting that they’re seeing foot sores similar to chickenpox on a number of patients’ feet. Michigan and North Carolina are among states where people are protesting the continuation of lockdown orders. Many of the protesters were not wearing masks or social distancing, which will likely only prolong the need for stay-at-home orders. Plus, stimulus checks started hitting bank accounts today.

Jorge Martinez is a 12-year-old who lives in Mexico. He’s using his home 3D printer to make visors for healthcare workers. Each one takes about 45 minutes to assemble, and so far, he’s made about 100. He’s been giving them to hospitals in his home state of Oaxaca. Healthcare workers in the country have protested against shortages in protective equipment. So every one of Jorge’s homemade masks may keep someone safe, or even help save a life.

The planetarium at the University of Maine in Orono is usually busy helping visitors and students understand the universe. But not right now. “Since we're closed down to the public because of this pandemic, [the goal] was to try to help in some way," planetarium director Shawn Laatsch told The facility is allowing its computers to be used to help model the proteins of the coronavirus. It’s part of research that could one day lead to a vaccine.

Ashley and Tim’s original big wedding celebration was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The California couple still wanted to get married on the date they picked, rather than waiting until the self-isolation was over. So they made it happen and were married over Zoom with family and friends watching from across the country. They even did their first dance on their balcony. 

A teen found a way to help medical staff on the front line of the coronavirus outbreak without leaving his home. Quinn Callander is a Scout from Vancouver, Canada and naturally takes pride in helping others. His mom, Heather Roney, says she got a request from a nurse to have Quinn use his 3D printer to make something called an ear guard. She hoped it would alleviate some of the pressure of wearing a face mask all day. 

Shopping for groceries these days can be a challenge. Supermarket lines are long, and it’s difficult to keep a safe distance from those around you. So it’s no surprise that grocery delivery businesses are booming. But with high demand comes more waiting, as some stores like Whole Foods don’t even have delivery time slots available. Steve Fabian takes you through some tips and strategies to help improve your chances of getting groceries delivered to your home.

Face masks have become a literal “must-have” accessory when stepping outside. With state and local governments encouraging people to donate any medical-grade N95 masks to healthcare workers, many people are using cotton or other cloth masks to run errands. So what is the right way to clean a reusable face mask? Women’s Day editor Meghan Murphy says that hot water and detergent are key, as the virus can live as long as 7 days on cloth. But don’t even think about disinfecting in the microwave!

Coronavirus survivor David Lat is inspiring hope for others battling the virus. The 44-year-old lawyer and former marathon runner spent six agonizing days on a ventilator while he was afflicted with the disease, but is now recovering. Inside Edition was able to speak with him briefly over video chat, and though he is still exhausted, he described what the experience of being on a ventilator for almost a week was like. Plus, Tony-nominated Broadway star Nick Cordero’s wife sings to him with their baby Elvis.

Things got heated at the White House during President Trump’s press briefing on Monday when reporters immediately called Trump out after he declared that the President has “total authority.” Since the United States is a democracy with three co-equal branches of government, one being the Executive Branch, the President’s statement is false, and the mere suggestion of absolute presidential power left many incredulous. President Trump snapped back at one reporter calling her “very fake.”

Cheers for a dad who battled coronavirus and beat the odds. Ramon Zuniga spent 20 days in a coma and on a ventilator. He shared an emotional reunion with his wife and children at the hospital in Torrance, California. In Pittsburgh, the father of former football player Ellis McKennie spent two and a half weeks in a coma before defeating the virus. And in New York, Inside Edition was there to greet a troop of volunteer nurses who came from across the country to help.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a disturbing trend that is growing across the country: a double-digit spike in domestic violence. A Maryland mother of three was allegedly gunned down by her estranged husband, who claimed to have been exposed to COVID-19. A fitness coach was accused of sending “suspicious text messages” to his estranged wife’s friends, saying she was “being held by the CDC”. Police now say the woman is missing and presumed dead.