Costa Rican TV Host and New Husband Are the Couple Left Stranded as Cruise Ship Sailed Away

Maria Gonzalez Roesch and husband Alessandro were enjoying their first days of marriage when they were left in the Bahamas as their cruise ship departed the port.

Maria Gonzalez Roesch and her husband, Alessandro Di Palma, have been identified as the unlucky couple left stranded when their cruise ship departed the Bahamas without them.

Gonzalez Roesch, who calls herself a journalist and television host on Instagram, and Di Palma were enjoying their first days of marriage aboard Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas when the ship sailed away after they reported back to the Nassau dock nearly an hour late. By the time they arrived, the hatch was closed. The pair were caught on camera chasing after their vessel.

The 26-year-old woman took to Instagram to reveal she and her husband were the ones seen in the viral video.

Gonzalez Roesch says she and her husband weren't alone in their misfortune, as six other passengers were also late and were left to fend for themselves in the Caribbean.

The actress posted photos on her Instagram account of what their vacation was like before the incident.