Could Pageant Photographer Who Snapped Pics of JonBenet Ramsey Be Involved in Her Murder?

Simons has plead not guilty to the child pornography charges. He's due back in court august 7th.

Randy Simons was recently charged with multiple counts of possessing child pornography.

A haunting image of JonBenet Ramsey from her very last photo session is taking on a whole new significance today.

The photographer of the photo, Randy Simons, was recently arrested for possessing child pornography, prompting some to wonder whether he could be involved in the little girl's mysterious death.

Former Denver District Attorney Craig Silverman said Simons was always a person of interest in JonBenet’s 1996 murder. 

“We’ve discussed Randy Simons for a long time,” Silverman told Inside Edition. “Now that we know he apparently has a sexual interest in little girls, that is quite damning.”

In 1996, Inside Edition spoke to Simons by phone. He became emotional as he recalled that photo shoot with JonBenet, calling it "a very special day." 

He also defended the girl for wearing so much makeup.

“It's really a matter of lighting and what you can bring up in the facial features and the lips to show expression on camera,” he said. 

After JonBenet’s murder, Simons’ life spiraled. He stopped photographing children and was arrested for running naked in the street. The arresting officer said Simons blurted out, "I didn't kill JonBenet!"

Silverman said that the death of JonBenet seemed to have haunt Simons 

"Now you throw in these child porn charges and it becomes disturbing," he said. "That could be a big clue in solving the enduring mystery of who killed JonBenet and why." 

Six-year-old JonBenet was found dead inside her parents' home in Boulder, Colorado, on Christmas 1996. Her father found her body in the basement of the family home eight hours after she was reported missing. The child beauty queen suffered a blow to the head and had been strangled.

No one has ever been charged in her murder.

Simons has plead not guilty to the child pornography charges. He's due back in court august 7th.