Country Superstar Reba McEntire Becomes KFC's First Female Colonel Sanders

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KFC’s got a brand new colonel — and she’s got quite the résumé.

Reba McEntire made her debut as the fast food chain’s new spokeswoman in a musical advertisement as the Colonel Sanders.

The country music superstar is now the first woman to portray the bombastic poultry proprietor, a role that has been filled by famed leading men like Rob Lowe and Ray Liotta, and comics like Rob Riggle and Jim Gaffigan, in recent years.

“Oh please ignore any likeness to famous country singers,” McEntire sings in the promo. “I’m definitely not a woman.”

McEntire is apparently thrilled to be part of the chicken empire's stable of colonels. 

"I grew up with Kentucky Fried Chicken," McEntire said in a statement. "It’s part of my story, and I’m so excited to now be part of theirs. I’ve held a lot of roles in my life — sort of like the Colonel himself — but this is certainly the most unique one yet.”

In addition, McEntire's southern roots made her an obvious choice to play the part, KFC’s CMO Andrea Zahumensk said.


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