Couple Allegedly Blew Through $120,000 Deposited in Their Bank Account Due to Clerical Error: Cops

The cash was gone in just two weeks.
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They allegedly bought a camper and gave money to friends, among other things.

A Pennsylvania couple landed themselves in hot water after they allegedly spent $120,000 that was accidentally deposited into their bank account.

Robert and Tiffany Williams have been charged with theft and receiving stolen property after BB&T Bank mistakenly deposited the large sum in their bank account due to a bank teller’s clerical error on May 31.

The couple allegedly began spending the cash, paying off bills and buying a camper, according to reports. They also bought two four-wheelers and gave $15,000 to friends.

Police said the married couple blew through $100,000 of the cash in just two weeks. The bank contacted the couple on June 20 and let them know they’d be responsible for returning the funds, according to reports.

While they initially told the bank they'd work something out, the couple eventually stopped answering and they were later arrested on three felony charges of theft and receiving stolen property. 

They have since posted $25,000 bail each. They have not yet entered pleas and court records did not say whether they had an attorney.