Couple Allegedly Washed Clothes and Made Coffee While Robbing Home

The couple allegedly showered and washed clothes before burglarizing the home.

They have both been charged with robbery after police allegedly found stolen items in their truck.

A couple was allegedly living a happy home life in a home that wasn’t their own.

Police in Ohio said a couple broke into a Uniontown home and washed their clothes, then showered and fixed themselves some coffee before robbing the place on Monday.

Richard Nippell and Camri Cantwell have been charged with robbery in connection with the incident. 

A family member of the homeowner confronted the couple with a gun after the homeowner noticed a suspicious truck outside her house when she came home and ran for help, The Associated Press reported.

The pair was held at gunpoint by the relative until cops arrived. 

Police said they found a computer, credit cards, car keys and jewelry from the home in the truck that belonged to the couple. 

Nippel is being held on $50,000 bail ,while Cantwell is being held on $100,000. Court records don't say whether they have a lawyer.