Couple Documents Budding Romance Between Fellow Air Passengers After Switching Seats

Rosey Blair and her boyfriend, Houston Hardaway, became accidental matchmakers after switching seats so they could sit together.

A woman shared live updates of her unintentional matchmaking after swapping seats with another passenger aboard a recent flight.

It all started as Rosey Blair and her boyfriend boarded a flight from New York back to their hometown of Dallas, Texas.

When Blair realized they didn’t book seats next to each other, Blair asked the woman sitting next to her boyfriend if she would trade.

The woman agreed, and what followed was play-by-play commentary on social media involving the two strangers who were apparently hitting it off.

"We made a joke that maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life," Blair wrote.

As luck would have it, the pair began flirting, which soon escalated into brushing elbows, sharing photos of their families and discussing their thoughts on marriage.

"Guess what? They have been talking non-stop since we took off," one of Blair's posts read. "They’re both personal trainers. They have touched arms a few times. They are both vegetarians."

When the meal cart came by, Blair watched as the pair shared a cheese board, and as they disembarked, she watched as they headed toward baggage claim together, with their wheeled suitcases in tow.

While Blair and her boyfriend kept a close eye from the row behind them, they also made sure their 250,000 social media followers were given the moment-by-moment updates.

In one hilarious post after another, Blair shared photos of the couple, and wrote that she was paying for more in-flight Wi-Fi so she could continue sharing updates with her followers.

Even Monica Lewinsky tuned in, tweeting Tuesday that she had boarded a flight praying for her own #PlaneBae.

Eventually, Blair’s thread gained so much momentum that #PlaneBae, who turned out to be a Dallas man named Euan Holden, stumbled upon it and reached out.

Holden took the secret chronicling of his new romance in stride, adding that he had noticed when Blair secretly took their photo.

"The moment we buckled our seat belts until we touched down to the ground, the conversation just took off,” Holden said of his new flame in an interview with "Good Morning America." "She’s a very, very lovely girl, very attractive, beautiful and has a lot to say for herself and very intelligent."

While the other woman, Helen, shied away from media attention, Holden said the pair has plans to meet again very soon.