Passenger Tossed From Flight in Dispute With Flight Attendant Over Airplane Mode in Indiana

Robyn Rodgers, of New York, took to Instagram to discuss the incident.

A flight attendant on a SkyWest Airlines flight reportedly kicked five passengers off a plane Saturday amid a dispute over a cellphone being on airplane mode. 

The plane was about to take off from Fort Wayne, Ind., to Atlanta, when the flight  attendant said passenger Robyn Rodgers failed to put  her phone into airplane mode after repeated requests.   

"I showed it to you so that you would know," she said in a video of the incident. "And you walked away and you got mad." 

"I'm not going to argue with you," the flight attendant can be heard in video of the encounter. "Crew instructions means crew instructions. You were asked several times during the announcement to turn your phone into airplane mode."

Rodgers told her side of the story to Inside Edition. 

"She was standing over me, I could see her standing over me and it was just very intimidating, her arms were folded and she was kind of on top of me, watching me," she claims. 

Rodgers insisted that she complied with the request but was still told she would be booted from the flight.

"It was stressful and it was a bit terrifying because I have seen people get dragged off other flights in other videos," she told Inside Edition. 

What followed was a mutiny by other passengers. 

"She was complying!" said one male passenger. "I was right here actually, right behind her

Police were then called and five passengers, including a small child, were told to get off. 

One booted passenger was in tears following in the incident, saying, "I'm from Texas — what am I going to do?"

Rodgers later posted about the situation on Instagram.

"I told her, 'I know how to turn on airplane mode — you don’t have to stand over me,'" Rodgers said. "She became agitated and said, 'If you’re gonna act like that we can go back to the gate and you can get off.' I held up my phone to show her that airplane mode was on."

In response to the incident, Delta Air Lines, which operates SkyWest Airlines, said: "We take all allegations of discrimination seriously and are reviewing reports." The airline also said any passenger who was stranded was accommodated.