Why You Should Never Order Coffee or Tea on an Airplane

One expert also gives tips on what to look out for while flying.

Traveling can be both exhilarating and stressful at the same time but here are some secrets that might ease your trip.

Former flight attendant turned travel show host, Bobby Laurie, is sharing long-held secrets you should take into consideration before your next trip.

If you need a pillow or a blanket, Laurie says to beware. 

"Only use pillows and blankets on an airplane if they are wrapped in plastic," he advised. "Because airplanes do multiple flights a day and if the package is open or if the pillow and blanket is not wrapped [in plastic], it probably means it has been used by the person before you."

Another secret is that you may not have to wait in line in chaotic situations. Instead, use social media like Twitter and Facebook to complain or get help. It will get the airlines’ attention.

"Go straight to your phone and send the airline a message because every airline now has a social media team in place that responds to those messages instantly," he said. "They can change your reservations, they can refund your reservations, they can make anything happen."

Laurie added that the urns holding coffee or tea are hardly ever cleaned out.

"If the flight attendant asks you if you would like coffee or tea, your answer should be neither," he said. "The tanks that the water comes out of to create your coffee or tea are never fully drained and never fully cleaned."

Laurie also says being nice can be the secret to great service.

"Flight attendants do recognize that, they do take note of who you are, and you usually have that kindness returned by way of free food, free drinks or maybe even an upgrade," he said.