Couple Gets Married in Delivery Room at Missouri Hospital as Bride Was in Labor

“It was the perfect day,” bride Sara Perry says.

One bride and groom rushed their “I-do's” in the delivery room because the bride was in labor.

Sara and Brandon Perry had originally planned a formal wedding, figuring they had time before the baby arrived. But, Sara’s water broke five weeks early. They rushed to the hospital and fast-tracked the ceremony.

Nurses at St. Luke’s East Hospital in Missouri draped a bed sheet around the bride. Hospital gauze served as her veil.

The ordained minister, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, happened to be in the hospital because his wife was expecting.

Sara tells Inside Edition she was having contractions during the hospital ceremony.

Brandon struggled to put the ring on Sara’s finger. “Pregnancy swells the fingers,” he said in the video taken of the ceremony.

The happy couple, with their wedding gift, little Oliver, spoke with Inside Edition.

“It was the perfect day,” Sara says.

As a bonus, Oliver’s birthday is also their anniversary.

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