Oklahoma Couple Has Roof Accidentally Taken Off, Then Replaced While They’re Out of Town 

The blunder cost the construction company about $30,000. But it has saved the Senners money on their insurance premium.

Deborah and Scott Senner have a beautiful, shiny new roof on their Edmond, Oklahoma, home. The only problem? It was done by accident

“He was on a business trip, and I decided to randomly go with him,” Deborah Senner tells Inside Edition Digital. “So we were about five hours away. Meanwhile, here in Oklahoma City, we had an entire roofing crew show up at our house. Trucks in the driveway, front driveway, back driveway, dumpster, and they start going to work, completely tearing off our roof. The only problem was, we didn't order a roof.”

It took a few hours for employees from Graco Roofing & Constructions to notice the mistake. 

“Somebody texted numbers and inverted two numbers, and sent the crew to the wrong location, to our house,” Deborah says. “I think the project manager showed up at the right house and said, 'Where are you guys? Where's the crew?' And they're like, 'We're at the house tearing off the roof.' And that's when we got a pretty frantic phone call.”

It took the company some time to go around and figure out who lived at the home, so they could notify them of what happened. 

“Deborah and I are sitting next to each other going, 'What's going on? Is our house on fire?'” Scott says. “He's like, well, I don't really know how to tell you this, but we're about 75 to 80% of the way through taking off your roof and realized that we shouldn't have been.”

The Senners say the company began sending photos of their home as proof of the mix-up. All the couple could do was laugh as they looked at images of men crawling on the roof, which they called a "crazy sight." 

Although the news of their roof, or lack thereof, was a shock, the husband and wife were good sports about it.

“The boss calls a few minutes later,” Scott says. “He's like, ‘I just got to tell you straight up, we made a mistake. We can't do anything about it other than we're going to put a roof back on, and it's going to be better than what you have.'”

Unfortunately for Graco Roofing & Constructions LLC, the blunder cost about $30,000. Fortunately for the Senners, it's saving them about $3,500 a year on their insurance premium. 

To try to help the company, Deborah and Scott shouted them out on social media and shared how professional they were about the whole ordeal. “It was definitely going to be a rave review, not a rant. Because we feel like they really did everything they possibly could to make it right,” Deborah says.

The post was a hit.

“It just blew up with people wanting to hear more about the roof goof of 2024,” she says. “We totally feel like we won the roof lottery, for sure.”

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