Couple Has $25,000 'Jurassic Park'-Themed Wedding in Wisconsin

They are both huge fans of the movie.

Love finds a way!

A Wisconsin couple, who are huge fans of "Jurassic Park," made it the theme of their July 7 wedding.

Courtney McMillion, 28, has loved the dinosaur movie since she was a kid and was ecstatic when she learned her beau, 26-year-old Billy McMillion, shared her love for the film when she met him in 2013.

“We would regularly watch 'Jurassic Park' or it would coincidentally be on TV,” Courtney said. “It sort of became our thing. We would go to dinosaur museums and exhibits on dates."

When the pair got engaged last February, McMillion began joking about a "Jurassic Park"-themed occasion.

"When Courtney suggested a 'Jurassic Park' theme, I was a little skeptical,” Billy said. “I was scared people were going to think it was childish."

Eventually, the couple decided to run with the idea. 

Courtney spent 18 months and $25,000 organizing the bash. Their Wisconsin venue was decked out in forest greenery and featured an array of dinosaur features. The couple even arrived in a Ford Explorer that appeared to have come right out of the movie.

She walked down the aisle to the movie’s theme and Billy even crafted a doughnut wall to resemble the gates of the fictional theme park.

"This wedding was so different,” wedding photographer Cassandra Spiegelhoff said. "The 'Jurassic Park' theme could have been so lame but it wasn’t tacky or cheap. It was so elegant. She really nailed it."

Spiegelhoff even Photoshopped some dinosaurs into their wedding photos.