Couple Has Hospital 'Wedding' So 100-Year-Old Grandma Could Be There

Sky Howard and Clay Cameron are set to officially tie the knot in 2020.

An engaged couple wanted to make sure their “granny” got to see them tie the knot, so they had a hospital "wedding" just for her. 

Sky Howard and Clay Cameron are set to officially tie the knot in 2020, but when Cameron’s 100-year-old grandmother, Charlotte Bussard, started having health issues, they weren’t sure if she’d make it to that date.

“She’s the matriarch of that family” Howard told “She’s 100 years old, she loves her grandkids, and we’ve been talking about this upcoming wedding for several months. The thought of her not being able to be there really bothered us."

Bussard had been having issues with eating and was diagnosed with kidney failure. So, while she was staying at Hemphill County Hospital in Texas, the pair decided to surprise her. 

“We wanted her to witness us being married,” Howard said. 

On May 29, dressed in a gown, Howard “married” Cameron at Bussard’s bedside. 

They had a close friend perform the nuptials. 

“When she saw Clay enter the room, you know, blazer, hat, dressed up, her face lit up,” Howard said. ”We told her what was happening and she was all smiles and very content.”

Thankfully, Bussard’s health has slowly been improving since and she is being moved to an assisted living facility.

They hope she can still make it to their official wedding

“We’re taking it day-by-day,” Howard said.