Couple Reconciles After Husband Who Thought Wife Was Cheating Used Drone to Follow Her

A year ago, video of John following his wife went viral. He suspected she was cheating on him.

A husband claimed that he caught his wife of 18 years cheating on him with the help of a drone a year ago. Now, he and his spouse are giving their marriage another try. 

John, who asked Inside Edition not to reveal his last name, lost it as his drone captured his wife kissing another man.

The implosion of his marriage became a viral sensation and has been watched nearly 14 million times. 

“Eighteen years is a long time, which is why I was so angry," he told Inside Edition. "Why is she doing this? Why is she doing this to us?"

The professional photographer from Honesdale, Pa., first suspected his wife was fooling around and decided to follow her with his drone as she left for work.

Drones tend to be loud when they are close by; but at 400 feet in the air, like it was when John was following his wife, they are hard to hear. 

His suspicions were confirmed when he saw his wife meeting up with a guy in a SUV in the parking lot of a local CVS drug store.

“I was shocked," his wife Donna said. "I know he has a drone. I never thought it would be used against me.”

Donna has never spoken before about the day her husband caught her with another guy but she is now breaking her silence to Inside Edition.

She said she only met the man a few times and “was becoming friendly with someone I probably shouldn’t have.”

When he showed her the drone video, Donna explained that it was just the beginnings of a flirtation that would never have developed into a full-blown affair but her husband found it hard to believe her.

“She was crying her eyes out and I’m yelling, ‘You don’t get to cry. Why are you crying? I’m the one that should be crying,'" he recalled. 

As far as he was concerned, the marriage was over and Donna moved out. 

Now, one year later, the couple is trying to salvage their relationship.  

“I'm looking at an empty spot on the couch and I’m thinking, ‘I miss her, I really, really miss her,'” he recalled. “So I feel like I can give her another chance, give us another chance.”

Last week, he asked Donna to move back in.

John says it was actually the drone that saved their marriage by putting an end to Donna’s secret friendship before it truly got serious.

“If I hadn't sent that drone up, I believe things would have gotten more intimate,” he claims. “None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes, doesn’t mean it has to be the end of everything. People do deserve second chances.”