Couple Refuses to Let Wedding Go Up in Smoke as They Marry During California Wildfires

The minister did the 30-minute ceremony in under five minutes.

A California couple was forced to rush through their vows due to raging wildfires in the area.

Ellie Denney always dreamed of getting married under the huge oak tree in her parent's Northern California backyard and she wasn't going to let the Klamathon wildfire keep her from saying "I do" to her beau, Taylor.   

To ensure they had enough time, the minister started the nuptials an hour early in Chico Saturday. 

Only a few of the guests were present at that point, but the couple didn’t mind as they enjoyed their moment under the tree. 

Suddenly, the fire changed directions. As flames moved closer, helicopters circled overhead. 

“I am whipping ash off her veil so her veil doesn’t melt,” Taylor told Inside Edition. “I keep whipping ash off my shoulders just as it is falling. It was a very light, almost dusting of snow, that was coming down as we were getting married." 

Firefighters ordered everyone to evacuate, prompting the minister to rush things along. He wound up completing the 30-minute ceremony in just five minutes. 

After the hurried "I do's," the bride and groom ran for their lives. Guests grabbed everything they could, including the flowers.

"When you see flames coming at you, fire coming at you, it is not the most pleasant of experiences," Ellie said. 

The entire wedding party then drove 20 miles south to the local Holiday Inn Express where the couple got married all over again.  

“We talked it over and did it so that basically all of our guests could see it," Ellie added. 

The wedding may not have turned out as Ellie had dreamed, but the newlyweds refused to let the day go up in smoke.