Moose Photobombs Couple's Wedding Photos: 'They Loved It'

Credit: Bria Celest
Credit: Bria Celest

It was a memory for the books.

An Alaska couple had a special guest show up to their wedding.

Alan and Shandy Cuellar were exchanging vows on June 30 at the Bayshore clubhouse in Anchorage when a moose decided it didn’t want to miss the nuptials.

The animal walked around in the background as photographer Bria Celest captured the funny moment. The bride and groom welcomed the unexpected attendee.

"They loved it, honestly," Celest told "It was a total moment and really special. They were laughing and smiling and definitely didn’t let the animal ruin anything!"

Celest said she’s never seen this happen before. Guests began moving away as the large animal got closer, but she said it was too good of a moment not to capture on camera.

“I started snapping when the moose came from the woods,” Celest said. “I thought and would make for a great memory and story to tell later."

The photographer posted photos of the moment to Twitter in a post that has since gone viral.

"Is it an Alaskan wedding if a moose didn't drop by?" Celest wrote.

She said it is quite common to see wildlife in the area.