Snowmobilers Rescue Moose Trapped Up to Its Neck in Snow

The group of riders in Canada managed to get the whole rescue on video.

A moose is running free again thanks to a group of Canadian snowmobilers who found it buried and helpless in the snow.

Tyrone Owens was among seven riders out recently in the snowy Newfoundland backcountry when he says they came upon the trapped young bull.

"He was trapped, his legs were disabled," Owens told

It was an odd sight, even for these experienced outdoorsmen. While the bulky animals do sometimes find themselves trudging through heavy snows, Owens believes this animal had the misfortune of stepping into what would during most years have been frozen ground but what this year was still a muddy hole. 

"Me and my buddy took the initiative to shovel a pathway," Owens said.

Taking great care to stay behind the moose so it could not charge, Owens and his friend Jonathan Anstey, a rider with Sledcore Outdoor Adventure & Lifestyle, dug a route out.

"We were careful to proceed with caution, this is a thousand pound animal and he doesn't know what you're trying to do," Owens said.

Thankfully, no one was injured and things soon took a positive turn for the moose.

"Through a little coaxing, we got him to spin around," Owens said. "If it wasn't for us being there, there's a pretty good chance he would have been attacked by predators" like coyotes.

Happy ending or no, Owens says not to try this at home.

"I wouldnt recommend just anyone do it. Even when the moose was free we still kept our distance," he said.

As the freed moose got on with his day, the group took a few photos and some video to share with the world what they encountered in their backcountry that day. 

"We are just snowmobilers who love mother nature and the great outdoors but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to save this beautiful animal," Owens said.