Couple's Love of Olive Garden Leads Them to Name First Child Olivia Garton

The Arkansas couple say eating at Olive Garden for seven weeks straight helped them through financial troubles.

An Arkansas couple that once subsisted on nothing but Olive Garden meals for seven weeks is going to name their first child Olivia Garton.

Justin and Jordan Garton unwittingly became online famous after posting a photo on Twitter showing them holding a onesie, with the restaurant's logo, and the name Olivia Garton.

"Then Olive Garden saw it and reached out to us on the same day," Justin Garton told Monday. "Then we started getting calls from all over the country."

Justin says their tongues were firmly in their cheeks when they decided on a name for their daughter, who is scheduled to make her debut on Dec. 6.

Jordan is Italian and "we really wanted to find an Italian-American name to honor that," Justin said. "We came across Olivia, and then my brother made a joke about Olive Garden."

The restaurant chain is a bit of a touchstone for the Fort Smith couple. Early in their marriage, when they were struggling financially, Justin and Jordan invested in a "Never Ending Pasta Pass," which allowed the holder to eat as much as they wanted for seven weeks.

The couple ate every dinner there and lunched on leftovers, Justin said. "We saved a lot of money doing that," he said. 

Not all of the feedback the Gartons are receiving, however, is positive. 

"Hundreds of people have made fun of us," Justin said. 

"Could be worse, poor girl could have been named Joe's Crab Shack," wrote one poster.

"We've tried not to let the haters online get to us that much," Justin said.

"Olivia is an absolutely beautiful name," the dad-to-be added. "It's nothing to be ashamed of."