Off-Duty Officer Fatally Shoots Robbers While Holding His Baby

The father was shopping when two hooded men stormed a pharmacy

An off-duty cop shopping in a pharmacy fatally shot two armed robbers while holding his baby son.

Surveillance video from the store shows Sgt. Rafael Souza of the military police in Brazil running after hooded men and firing a gun at both of them, CBS News reported, citing Britain's Independent newspaper.

The officer pulled his weapon after one of the men pointed a gun at him, the paper said.

In the footage, Souza is seen holding his son with one arm and pointing a gun with his opposite hand. 

He shoots one man as the suspect runs around a floor display. He runs and fires again, then disappears out of the frame.

The cop's wife is seen cowering behind another merchandise display, then stretching out her arms toward her husband, who hands off the baby and continues chasing the suspects.

Two men, aged 24 and 22, were pronounced dead at the scene, the paper said.

On YouTube, the footage prompted comments ranging from racist rants to comments including "Poor mother" and "I live in Brazil and this is normal for me."