Couples Travel to New York City to Get Engaged Under 'Will You Marry Me' Billboards in Times Square

Eliza Camacho of Dallas, Texas, and her now-fiancé took their first vacation to New York City eight years ago.

Millions of people flock to New York City’s Times Square every year to bask in the lights and crowds, but on Valentine’s Day, a few special couples had the chance to see their names on billboards with a very special message.

Sylvia Condon, who was visiting the Big Apple from Cork, Ireland, with her boyfriend of 10 years, Bernard Barrett, and their 1-year-old son, Bobby, became one of the lucky women who was surprised with an engagement on Valentine’s Day.

“We planned on coming to New York just after Christmas but when I realized we were going to be here for Valentine's Day, I just thought it was the perfect opportunity,” Barrett told the Times Square Alliance.

He explained that when they finalized their travel and he realized he wanted to pull off a big gesture, he got in touch with the company with his love story and they agreed to work with them and put up a massive billboard in Times Square that read, “Sylvia, will you marry me?”

“Everything worked out,” Barrett said. “She said yes.”

Eliza Camacho of Dallas, Texas, also saw her name in lights Thursday, thanks to the surprise her now-fiancé Oscar Macias helped organize.

They explained that Times Square held a special place in their hearts, since they took their first vacation together here eight years ago.

“It’s a place that catches all of your senses,” Macias explained.