COVID-19 Survivor, 70, Gets $1 Million Hospital Bill

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Michael Flor was hospitalized with COVID-19 for 62 days. He came so close to death that a nurse held a phone to his ear while his family said their final goodbyes.

Now, the 70-year-old has been hit with a hospital bill totaling more than $1 million that gave him the shock of his life. Luckily, Flor said that most, if not all of it, should be covered by his insurance.

"I feel guilty about surviving," he says. "There's a sense of 'why me?' Why did I deserve all this? Looking at the incredible cost of it all definitely adds to that survivor's guilt."

The bill is 181 pages long and has 3,000 itemized charges. They include $9,736 per a day for his intensive care room at the Swedish Medical Center near Seattle and $83,000 for the ventilator he used for 29 days.


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