COVID-Stricken Parents Who Lost Their Sense of Smell Couldn't Smell House Filling Up With Smoke

The little boy’s warning came just in time.

The loss of taste and smell is one of the most common side effects of COVID-19. That almost led to disaster for one Texas family after they say their smoke alarms didn’t go off during a house fire.

Nathan and Kayla Dahl were both recovering from COVID-19 when they were awakened at 4:30 in the morning by their 2-year-old son, Brandon. They couldn't smell anything, but their little boy could. 

It was the unmistakable smell of thick smoke, and their house was on fire.

“He was just kind of tapping me saying 'mama,' then repeating, 'mama hot.' And I got up and all I saw were flames coming towards our bedroom door,” Kayla said.

The little boy’s warning came just in time.

The Dahls gathered their five children and they all made it out safely. But their house in Alvord is now a total loss.

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