Cow Escapes Church Nativity Scene, but Was It the Work of a Christmas Grinch?

Is someone trying to steal Christmas?

Someone may be trying to steal Christmas.

A cow in Philadelphia escaped from a church’s live nativity scene and was later found and wrangled by police officers on the interstate. 

The 1,500 pound cow, Stormy, won’t be in the live nativity scene at Old First Reformed United Church of Christ in Old City after police were called to I-95 Thursday after 2 a.m. on a report of the large bovine roaming around on the highway.

Some of the highway lanes had to be shut down to capture the 7-year-old animal.

“Animal control was awesome," Woody Ulmer, temporary administrator at the church, told "You couldn’t ask for anything better.”

As innocent as the cow's escape may appear on the surface, Stormy is believed to have had help in her daring escape.

Church officials say she was let out after people in the community expressed concerns about the animals being in the city.

“They call the office, they block their number, they fill our voicemail until it stops,” Ulmer claims. “We know that the creche was vandalized and that the animal was let out and led there.”

The church said the nativity scene has been a part of the church since 1973 and that the animals are well cared for by a farmer and a veterinarian tech who work with them.

“We have a double fence, we have trained people who come in twice a day to take care of the animals, we have a makeshift barn filled every year,” Ulmer said.”

The church is worried that the tradition will now be ruined as Stormy will be sent home for her own safety.

“We don’t want to ever put animals in jeopardy,” Ulmer said.

Police are reportedly investigating the case.