Creative Designer Makes Clothes Out of Trash

His collections have won awards.

This designer is a living example of the age-old saying, "One man’s trash is another man’s treasure."

Artur Brazhe, an eco-fashion designer from the western Russian city of Kursk, has been creating clothes out of recyclable materials — known as “upcycling” — for years.

Brazhe visits junkyards near his home to collect materials that cause the most damage to the environment. Whether he is using bottles or aluminum cans, he is able to create an array of unique looks.

“I have no shortage," Brazhe said of the materials he uses. 

The artist said he also receives trash donations for his work. 

His clothes have won several Russian fashion contests, particularly his collection that turned newspapers into elaborate looks. 

Russia's Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment stated in a 2016 report that only 2-3 percent of domestic waste is properly recycled.

Brazhe is hoping to help change that fact with his clothes.