Dad Films Excited Son Being Picked Up From Preschool Every Day for a Month

Projex Santana wanted to capture his son's excitement at being picked up from preschool.

Two-year-old Orion Washington is beside himself every time his dad comes to collect him from preschool.

He squeals with joy. He screams "Daddy!"  Then he comes running on his tiny legs, his arms spinning like pinwheels.

Projex Santana, Orion's 27-year-old father, was so blown away by his kid's reaction he started filming it. Every day for a month, he captured his son's unbridled enthusiasm at the mere sight of dad. Then Santana posted a mash-up of those videos on his Twitter page, where it went crazy.

"I was just surprised it got that much attention," the aspiring singer and songwriter told Thursday. In four days, it has been liked more than 35,000 times. News stations have come calling. And according to Santana, lives have been changed.

One person wrote in response, "You know what, I didn't want to have kids, and now I do," Santana related. That blows him away as well.

"I just wanted to show the benefits of being a dad," he said.

He posted the video on Father's Day. "The excitement on my son's face is so refreshing," he wrote.

But Santana fully realizes that in the not-too-distant future, the mere sight of him will no longer elicit spontaneous celebrations from Orion.

"Right now I'm my son's hero," he said, smiling. "I can do no wrong." He has only to look at the reaction of his 8-year-old daughter, Ziyah, to see how things are going to turn out.

"I picked her up [from school] and she's just," he shrugs his shoulders to make his point.

Which is why the father felt a need to record Orion's happy dances for posterity. 

"Seeing that smile on his face makes everything worth it," he said. Even going to work and having a bad day. Because when Orion comes running, all of that just falls away.