Toddler Is Already a Beekeeper With His Own Suit

Cooper, 3, took to beekeeping right away after his grandmother, Susanne Cooper, began showing him the ropes.

A Tennessee toddler is proving it’s never too early to start following a passion. 

Cooper, 3, took to beekeeping right away after his grandmother Susanne Cooper began showing him the ropes.

“Beekeeping is absolutely a bonding experience,” Susanne told “It is something we have in common now. He has a responsibility, and we work together to keep all our bees healthy.”

When asked what his favorite part about beekeeping is, the 3-year-old will gladly tell you, “honey!”

Susanne began beekeeping as a hobby seven years ago and always thought about sharing it with her grandchildren. 

“When Cooper was born, I started talking to him about honey bees, and as he got older, we started to talk about his own hive,” Susanne said. “When he was 3, we built his hive together, painted it and then got him his bees. We have been looking after them together ever since.”

Cooper even has his own little bee suit. 

“He has absolutely no fear, and his protective suit keeps him safe from bee stings,” Susanne said.   

The pair's farm is 25 minutes away from their home in Nashville, and they visit every two weeks to check up on the bees.

They use the honey they gather for everything, from sweetener to moisturizing products.

The grandmother hopes Cooper continues the hobby as he grows older.

“It’s really important for kids to be involved in beekeeping, I think, just to keep up the craft, to pass it on down,” she said.