Mom-to-Be Who Lost Baby After Maternity Shoot With Bees Poses With Swarm Again to Celebrate New Pregnancy

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An Ohio woman who posed for pregnancy photos while covered with bees has done so again to celebrate her new pregnancy, and remember the child she lost.

Beekeeper Emily Mueller, 34, drew attention last year when she took photos with thousands of bees adorning her belly. Just before her due date, however, she lost the baby, named Emersyn, after suffering a blood clot. 

Now, Mueller is expecting again, and to pay tribute to baby Emersyn, she again turned to her beloved bees for a Cleopatra-themed photo shoot — and took it a step further with a Garden of Eden session involving an 8-foot snake as well.

“It was in memory of him, in honor of him and a way to honor my pregnancy. I’m due next month," she told SWNS.

In the Garden of Eden shoot, Mueller wrapped a yellow python around herself, with the bees in the background.

“Losing our son was very detrimental to our lives," Mueller said. "Both of our hearts were broken ... We were very, very excited when I fell pregnant again, but it has been very intense and scary."

As for those who've accused her of jeopardizing her unborn child, she has a message:

“People accused me of being unsafe with the previous shoot and it’s not," she said.  

"Do what makes you happy," she added.


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