Dad Obsessed With PlayStation Admits to Shaking His Son to Death Because the Newborn Cried During Video Game

Joseph McDonald pleaded guilty Friday to one count of child homicide.
Joseph McDonald pleaded guilty Friday to one count of child homicide.Handout

The Australian dad had anger management issues and was addicted to violent video games, his lawyer said after the man pleaded guilty to killing his newborn.

An Australian father has pleaded guilty to one count of child homicide, saying he shook his 7-week-old son to death because the newborn's crying interrupted his video game, according to local reports. Joseph McDonald appeared Friday in the Supreme Court of Victoria, where he entered his plea after statements were entered from the infant's mother and grandmother.

McDonald, a sawmill worker, acknowledged shaking baby Lucas and banging his head on the floor, then placing the newborn back in his rocker, reported McDonald went back to his PlayStation and continued his game until he fell asleep, the 23-year-old father said.

The baby died at the Monash Children’s Hospital four days later.

After the attack, Lucas acted dazed, his eyes wouldn't focus and his limbs were jerking, according to authorities. 

“Lucas deserved to feel safe and protected by his daddy. You let him down,” the baby's mother, Samantha Duckmanton, said in a statement.

“You do not deserve forgiveness nor do you deserve to have the title of daddy,” she said.

Lucas' grandmother, Sharon Mills, said McDonald erupted because the baby was sobbing. "The noise of Lucas crying because he was in the same lounge room, was interrupting his game. He couldn't concentrate on his game," she said, 9News reported. "He couldn't play his game, so he broke."

McDonald's defense attorney said his client was “profoundly sad.”

The father had anger management problems and was addicted to violent media games and marijuana, the lawyer said.

“He feels like he should be punished appropriately for what he’s done and wants that, whatever that might be,” attorney Colin Mandy said.

McDonald faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced at a later date.