Dad's Gender Reveal Celebration Hosted on Father's Day Ends With Fractured Ankle

Chris Ojeda went to kick the ball containing pink powder and slipped.

It was a Father’s Day to remember for this New Jersey dad, who slipped and rolled his ankle while learning the gender of his next baby.

Chris Ojeda, of Somerset, was having a party at his home with his family to celebrate three events — his birthday, Father’s Day and a gender reveal for his and his wife's soon-to-be-born child.

“I had family come from all over,” Ojeda told “My dad came from Texas, my mother came from Georgia. I spent a few weeks prepping new patio furniture, new grill, put up a pool for the kids. Everything was going smoothly."

But about halfway through the festivities, his wife brought out a football for the gender reveal portion of the day, and the event went downhill for Ojeda.

As he kicked the football, filling the sky with pink smoke and revealing he and his wife are having a girl, he slipped and fell to the grass.

"I kicked the ball, and the non-kicking foot slipped and I landed on the kicking foot and actually fractured my ankle in two places and tore a ligament," Ojeda said.

Guests didn’t even have a chance to sing "Happy Birthday" as Ojeda and his wife headed to the hospital.

"Just to be safe, if there are any more gender reveals, I am simply going to cut a cake or open a box to see what it is,” he joked. “I am not doing anything sports-related."