Dale Earnhardt Jr. Looking Forward to Racing Again After Plane Crash

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his family miraculously survived a plane crash two weeks ago.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is speaking out following the terrifying plane crash that he and his family endured earlier this month. 

"I had some bad bruising on my back,” he told SiriusXM NASCAR radio Friday. “It was just really swollen and bad." 

He and his family narrowly escaped after their private jet skidded off the runway, slid across the grass, crashed through a fence and came to a rest on the side of the highway before bursting into flames in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The racing champ carried his 1-year-old daughter away from the wreckage. His wife seemed to fall to the ground before going back for their dog. Fortunately, everyone made it out OK. 

Two weeks later, he says the injuries on his back are healing.

"All that's actually gotten better really quickly, so I think I’m gonna be OK,” he added. 

He says that he hopes getting back behind the wheel will help him finish healing.

"I’m looking forward to it. Maybe getting into a race car and driving will be great for my mental processing and all that. I think that's the hurdle that's gonna be the toughest is just getting past it mentally, getting my confidence back up to get back in a airplane,” he said.