Dallas Cop Seen Crying Moments After Shooting Neighbor When She Entered Wrong Apartment

Paramedics were unable to save the life of Botham Jean after the 26-year-old was shot by Officer Amber Guyger when she entered his apartment by mistake.

The Dallas cop who shot and killed her neighbor after entering his apartment tearfully said she made a mistake when she entered his home, which was a floor above her own, she said during an emergency call. 

Paramedics desperately tried to save 26-year-old Botham Jean after he was shot by Officer Amber Guyger, who appeared to be in distress in video taken at the scene.

Guyger was still in uniform when she entered the dark apartment and saw a dark figure that she fired at. She had driven home after a 15-hour shift and mistakenly parked on the fourth floor of the parking garage. 

The halls and doors of the apartment complex are identical and residents use key fobs to enter their homes, not keys, neighbors told Inside Edition.

“It doesn’t automatically lock behind you,” resident Jeffrey Scherzer said. “On the inside, there’s a deadbolt.”

Guyger said she believed the dark figure in the apartment to be an intruder, so she pulled out her gun and fired twice.  

But Lee Merritt, an attorney for the Jean family, said Guyger’s explanation raises more questions. 

“If the prevailing narrative is true and she entered the wrong home and found a stranger there, why she
was so quick to rely on deadly force is a great mystery to us,” he said. 

Jean was a model citizen by all accounts. 

He worked as an accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers and was a devout churchgoer. Just four days before he was killed, Jean was recorded singing at a church service. 

“This is the worst pain any mother can feel,” Jean’s mother, Allison Jean, told reporters. “My Botham!”