Dallas Firefighter Adopts Dog He Rescued From Car Engine

Grace with her new owner, Dallas Fire-Rescue Firefighter James Hayes on the ranch

The dog was underneath the car's vehicle. The driver of the SUV said that she was grateful that the rescuers were there and that the story had a happy outcome.

A stray dog that got trapped inside the engine compartment of an SUV is now a free dog with a new owner and a new home.

Dallas Fire-Rescue firefighter James Hayes and his team responded to a report of a puppy trapped inside a car and spent hours trying to set the pup free, according to local TV station KDFW

Maryanne Davidson was the first person who spotted the dog while she was out walking with a friend in the White Rock area.

"We saw that there was an animal underneath our vehicle. We tried very hard to get it out," Davidson told  WKRG.  "When we moved the car the dog would move. We could not get this dog out of the car so we called 311, and 911 and Dallas Fire-Rescue were on the scene.”

First responders spent two hours taking the car apart to get the dog out from underneath the engine compartment of the SUV, she said.

Once the dog was rescued, she was transferred to Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center.

Hayes decided to adopt the black and white pooch and named his new lady Grace. Grace will be in good company with all the other animals on the ranch, where Hayes lives, People reported. 

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