Dallas Salon Owner Says She Has No Other Choice but to Re-Open Despite Stay-at-Home Order

Shelly Luther Salon
Inside Edition

"It's either come in and make money to be able to feed your family or stay home and freak out," Shelly Luther told Inside Edition.

Like a lot of small businesses right now, hair salons are struggling financially during the coronavirus pandemic. One Dallas salon owner has made the controversial decision to re-open her business tomorrow in violation of Texas's stay-at-home order shuttering all non-essential businesses.

A mom of three, Shelly Luther said she feels she has no other choice.

"I'm behind on my mortgage," Luther told Inside Edition. "I know a lot of my stylists haven't paid their mortgage. It's either come in and make money to be able to feed your family or stay home and freak out."

Since news broke that she's defying the order, Luther said her phone has been ringing off the hook with people who want their hair done. 

"Obviously I don't want anyone to get sick and I don't want the virus to spread," Luther said. "It will be one of the safer places for people to go rather than going to Walmart or Home Depot."

The state of Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation told Inside Edition that if they receive a formal complaint, they will open a case that will be investigated.

There are 19 stylists who work at the salon. Luther said they need to get back to work immediately, with strict precautions in place for both workers and clients.

Luther could face serious consequences for opening, including a possible $1,000 fine and even up to 180 days in jail.

"No one wants to go to jail, but if push comes to shove I'm willing to take that risk," Luther said.