Dam Clever: Rescue Beaver Builds Barricade Out of Stuffed Animals

Apparently, the beaver does this more often than you might think.

A rescue beaver was filmed by his human caretakers building a dam made of stuffed animals and other household items in their Kentucky residence. 

Justin Beaver, known to his friends as JB, is 7 months old and was orphaned before he was adopted by the Brouillard family. 

His beaver instincts kicked in recently as he was inside the Brouillard home in Mount Washington and started building a dam. But without twigs, leaves or branches, JB used stuffed animals, magazines and cat toys to build his barricade.

"JB is finding materials to build a dam, and is gathering all of his found treasures into one central location," Brigette Brouillard told Caters News. "He was doing this for about 15 minutes."

Apparently, this isn’t the first time JB has built a dam, and Brouillard says watching him do it "never gets old."

She added: "I have seen him perfect his techniques, and that's pretty awesome to see."

She said that he isn’t a pet and is licensed for education under a USDA permit. He is living in the home temporarily as they raise funds to build him an outdoor enclosure with a pond.