Baby Aardvark Is This Zoo's Newest — and Cutest — Animal Sensation

Winsol the aardvark was born at the same zoo that houses Fiona the hippo.

While it's only a few days into 2018, an aardvark born inside the Cincinnati Zoo last month may very be the facility's mascot for the new year, due mostly to its cuteness. 

Winsol the aardvark, which was born to mom Ali at the tail end of 2017, has been extremely active since coming into the world, lumbering around its enclosure constantly.

The Cincinnati Zoo has been giving regular updates on Winsol. He has been bonding with his mom while under the watchful eye of the zoo's animal care team.

Aardvarks tend to be clumsy and the zoo wants to ensure Ali doesn't accidentally roll over or step on the infant.

Winsol was born at the same zoo that houses last year's animal sensation — Fiona the Hippo. The infant aardvark is the first of its species to be born at the zoo since 1994, according to zoo officials.

He tipped the scales at just three pounds at birth and that weight has since doubled.