Damaged Toys Come Back to Life at This Self-Proclaimed Doll Doctor's Workshop-Turned-Hospital

The doctor even wears a stethoscope and magnifying glasses while performing surgery on the dolls.

At this peculiar hospital in Colombia, the patients are dolls.

Alvaro, 58, brings damaged and old toys back to life at his workshop in the Santa Rosa neighborhood of Cali.

He takes his role as a doctor to the damaged dolls seriously, wearing a stethoscope around his neck and magnifying glasses on his head while performing what he calls complex surgeries.

“The repair of a doll consists of electronics and mechanics, and normally I change a pair of eyes, adapt a leg, or an arm, or put some hair,” he explained in a translation by Andalu Agency. “The rest is electronic and mechanical things that you have to work technically.”

Alvaro has done this work since 1980, and while some may find an old workshop filled with headless dolls frightening, Alvaro is playing his part in keeping a dying profession alive – one that he takes great pride in doing.

“The satisfaction is great,” he explained. “The idea of ​​repairing a doll is good because of the affection that children have for it and adults also feel very happy.”

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