'Dancing Doc' Helps Pediatric Patients Smile Through the Pain

Tony Adkins' slick moves have earned him the nickname "Dancing Doc."

This California man keeps his patients smiling every day by busting a move

Tony Adkins works at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, where he's a pediatric neurosurgery physician assistant and expert dancer

He first broke out his moves in an attempt to cheer up one of his patients post-op. Now, he's said it's a key part of the recovery process. 

“Nurses have told me that when patients get admitted to the unit, they will ask for me specifically," Adkins told Caters News Agency. 

His slick skills have earned him the nickname "Dancing Doc."

“There’s nothing better than seeing a smile on my patient’s faces or to hear them laugh — it’s self-care for me too," Adkins added. "Nothing is more important than the health of a child, and I am so lucky to play an integral role in that."