Teenager at San Diego Padres Game Mortified as Mom Starts Dancing in the Stands

The kid was seen blushing uncontrollably as his mom did a sultry dance on the stadium Jumbotron.

A California teenager was so mortified by his mom’s sexy dancing at a baseball game that he started blushing.

The mother was seen dancing in short shorts and a white blouse during Monday night’s Padres game at San Diego’s Petco Park, much to the chagrin of her son, who looked incredibly embarrassed. 

Even as the teenager sat with his arms folded and even burying his face in his “Top Gun” T-shirt, his mom was undeterred and footage displayed on the Jumbotron during the game showed her continuing with her sultry moves.

Dad also grooved to the beat while sitting next to his son. 

The teenager continued to look mortified and was visibly blushing as the dancing continued. 

The action was caught on social media and posted to Twitter, leaving users to sympathize with the teenager.