3-Year-Old Delivers Adorable Rendition of 'Star-Spangled Banner' at Baseball Game

His mom had to lead him in some of the words.

This 3-year-old may not have known all the words, but his version of the national anthem is definitely the cutest.

Drake Grillo, 3, performed an adorable rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner" before a Minor League Baseball game in Auburn, New York, last week.

"Everyone looked shocked and their jaws were dropping," his mom, Chelsea Grillo, told InsideEdition.com. "He got a big round of applause from the players and some fist bumps and that continued through the night with the fans."

She explained that little Drake had been dreaming about the day he would perform the national anthem on the field.

"When we would watch games on the TV and they played the national anthem, he really just picked it up from there," his mom said. "He started singing. We would play videos for him because he would request them. His favorite is probably Carrie Underwood singing at a Predators game."

His family decided the perfect venue for his debut performance would be at a ball game at the end of the month, during a fundraiser for the hospital that treated their daughter's hip dysplasia.

But, the Auburn Doubledays needed him sooner, so prior to their game against the Lowell Spinners Friday, the assistant general manager approached them and asked if Drake could sing.

“I think he jumped out of his chair before he even answered,” his mom said.

Even though Chelsea, kneeling beside her young son, had to lead him in some of the words, it was clear little Drake knocked it out of the park.