Daredevil Dog Takes Death-Defying Plunge Off 400-Foot Cliff With Owner

Paco the dog and his owner, Chase Reinford, are the very best of friends who do everything together.

A thrill-seeking dog has become a social media sensation after numerous adventures with his adrenaline junkie owner, including jumps off cliffs. 

Paco, believed to be a Chihuahua mix, loves his high-octane adventures with owner, Chase Reinford, 24, like biking, sailing, driving and BASE jumping from cliffs. 

Reinford, who found the dog on the side of the road in the Arizona desert while driving cross-country last November, planned to take him to a shelter, but they quickly formed a bond and could not separate. 

The dog, which is about a year old, has gone on various adventures around the globe with his owner and Reinford films all of their stunts, making his dog a social media sensation. 

Most recently, he captured nail-biting footage of the man and his dog jumping off a 400-foot cliff during a BASE jump. Paco was in his owner’s arms and they cascaded off the cliff before landing safely on the road below. 

Once they returned to the ground, Paco didn’t seem fazed by the experience.

"Paco is definitely a thrill-seeker," Reinford told SWNS. "He constantly wants adventure. When I first got him, we would go out on the cliffs. He would watch me and my friends BASE jumping and rock climbing and he hated being left by himself. I could tell he was not content with just watching, so we were like, 'How can we make this happen?' I rigged up a little doggy harness and tried to work up to it by having him watch us so it wouldn't be a freaky situation.” 

Reinford said that once the dog started doing the jumps he seemed to enjoy it and “was very comfortable.” 

"We have done three BASE jumps now, the highest from 400 feet," he said. "I wouldn't do anything that puts Paco in any sort of danger and I try to minimize the risk. I have someone with me when I'm BASE jumping with Paco who can assist me pulling my parachute, which decreases the impact on your body. I would never want him to get hurt."

Next for the duo is a trip to Mexico later this month for more extreme adventures. Later in the year, they will head to Italy and Switzerland.