Daredevil Nearly Loses His Leg in 112-Foot Plunge Off Vermont Cliff

Ryan Szymanski tore every ligament and tendon in his right knee in the daring jump.

A Virginia daredevil who tore every ligament in his knee after jumping off a cliff over the weekend says he might leap again. 

Ryan Szymanski, 22, of Charlottesville, has an Instagram page filled with daring stunts in different locations across the country. 

He told Inside Edition his massive jumps are "something I had really just like obsessed over the past four years."

Szymanski was in Vermont recently and took a 112-foot plunge off a cliff, which was caught on multiple cameras

The crowd cheered when he hit the water, not knowing that he was injured.

“When I hit the water, first I was so elated," Szymanski told Inside Edition. "I thought I had landed it perfectly. It wasn't until I tried to stand up and watched my knee completely buckle to the side."

When he slammed into the water, he tore every ligament and tendon in his right knee and nearly lost his leg. 

“They were able to fix everything inside without having to amputate the leg, but they came close,” he said. 

Szymanski's recovery will take two years. He said there is “definitely a chance” he will jump again. 

The cliff he jumped from is known as “The Grotto” and is regarded as a “Mecca for cliff jumpers” according to other daredevils.