'Thrill-Seeking' 105-Year-Old Daredevil Rappels Down Building

Daredevil Jack Reynolds says his key to longevity is three whiskey drinks a day.

This 105-year-old may get around with the help of a walker, but nothing says he’s too old to rappel.

Daredevil Jack Reynolds scaled a building — not once, but three times, at an indoor facility in Dronfield, England.

“My dad’s a thrill-seeker,” his youngest daughter Jayne Goodwin, 57, told InsideEdition.com.

She explained Reynolds was approached with the opportunity to try rappelling by a family friend who does it for a living.

“He loved it,” Goodwin said. “He had two or three goes on it.”

The centenarian is no stranger to performing daring feats.

He is currently the oldest person to ride a roller coaster, the oldest person to do the ice bucket challenge. At 104, he also marked the day by getting his nickname and birth date tattooed on his arm.

And for Reynolds, all his adventures are done in the name of giving back.

“He uses his old age to raise money for charity,” Goodwin said.

She added that his key to staying lively at an old age is getting a lot of fresh air and enjoying three whiskey drinks a day — one in the morning and two at night.