Daredevil Who Climbed Atop World Trade Center at 16 Recalls Bold Stunt: 'Absolutely Terrified'

Justin Casquejo was seen hanging off the building in jaw-dropping photos and videos.

The teenage daredevil who climbed construction cranes and One World Trade Center while it was still under construction has been sentenced to probation for his stunt of climbing another New York City skyscraper. 

Justin Casquejo made headlines when he climbed to the very top of One World Trade Center when he was just 16 years old. It was a major breach at what was considered to be the most secure building in the world. 

He has never spoken about the harrowing act... until now. 

"It was the first rooftop I had even been on in New York City — over 1,000 feet," he told Inside Edition. "Being 16 years old, being out of my mind and having no idea what I was doing. I was literally out of my mind." 

He added that he was “absolutely terrified” of what he had done as it was happening. 

He was arrested and charged with trespassing and was sentenced to community service, but while a brush with the law might deter some, he kept doing it. 

“In doing these things, I’m not trying to push my luck,” Casquejo said. “Tragic things can happen but that shouldn't stop you pursing the things you find beautiful.”

Some say that his stunts encourage others to follow suit and do them, but he claims otherwise. 

“I've never said go out and climb buildings,” he said. “I never say, 'Go out, trespass — go out and risk your life.' I don't want people going out and being reckless.”

In June, he was caught climbing a building in midtown Manhattan. Police say Casquejo dangled off the edge and even performed acrobatics before he was caught and arrested.

It was his third arrest in three years, and on Monday he learned his fate. He was sentenced to three years' probation, but the terms are strict. If he climbs another high rise without permission, he will go to jail.

He says he will not climb any buildings but admits "I can look out there every moment and be tempted.” 

Even as Inside Edition’s cameras were rolling during the interview, he climbed up a fence, clearly unable to help himself.