Daring Santa Claus Rappels Down High-Rise to Deliver Gifts to Children

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Forget Donner and Blitzen, Santa Claus didn't need any reindeer magic to scale the side of a high-rise building.

Santa Claus was seen rappelling down a building in Berlin, Germany, to deliver presents to children who were watching from the ground. 

Santa accidentally dropped a sack of presents from his sleigh and landed on the Kollhoff Tower on Potsdamer Platz Sunday to find it, Reuters reported.

While he was there, he decided to drop in on the good boys and girls down on the street to give them some early Christmas gifts.

He used a ladder to get over a fence and then with the help of some rope, he descended more than 300 feet to the street level

Children watched with anticipation and awe as he slowly made it down story by story. 

Everyone was relieved when he made it to the ground safely. 

No word if St. Nick was given milk and cookies for his daring endeavor. 


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