How Much Would It Cost to Buy Someone the '12 Days of Christmas'?

You'd better have deep pockets.

We all know the song, but how much would the gifts in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" really cost?

Every year for the past 35 years, PNC bank has calculated the expenses for the 12 days of gifts from the classic holiday tune.

It reflects the increasing — or decreasing — costs of items on the list each year. Among them, five golden rings will set you back $750 in 2018, which is down more than nine percent since 2017, while six geese-a-laying are up more than eight percent this year, costing $390, according to PNC.

Taking into consideration every time a gift is mentioned, the cost of gifts comes to $170,609.46, up just half a percent compared to 2017.

Watch the video above to see how.