Daring Veterinarian Rescues Leopard Stuck in Well

The leopard fell 30 feet into the well.

A veterinarian in India went above and beyond the call of duty when he ventured deep into a well to rescue a fully grown female leopard Wednesday.

Bijoy Gogoi descended 30 feet into the well after the animal had fallen in near a residential area of eastern India.

Gogoi used a ladder and helped bring the tranquilized leopard out as people from above the surface looked on in awe as the animal was then taken out by the veterinarian. 

As he was deep in the well, Gogoi also put a harness connected to a rope around the female leopard and as he carried it up the ladder, people waiting above ground helped hoist the animal up. 

The rescued leopard was then taken to the state zoological park in Gauhati.

“Luckily there was no water [in the well] and it was about 30 feet deep inside so we have successfully rescued,” Gogoi told reporters after the incident.