Daughter Arrested After Calling 911 When Mom Collapses at Concert

She said her mom had a heart attack, but when it was determined the woman was just dehydrated, police arrested the daughter and said she filed a false report.

Adrienne Fragatos said she was just trying to get help for her mom, who had collapsed, when she was arrested at a concert.

Adrienne was attending an Imagine Dragons show with mom Karen. The pair stood for three hours listening to the pop rock band.

When it came time to leave, Karen became ill.

"As we started to walk, my mom collapsed. Her legs gave out. I was petrified," Adrienne said.

So the frightened daughter called 911.

"I think my mom is having a heart attack and no one is here so I am trying to get someone to come here," she told the dispatcher.

Thankfully, it turned out that her mom wasn't having a heart attack. She was just dehydrated after the concert.

Police then arrested Adrienne, saying she made a false report that her mom was having a heart attack.

Summit County Police said in a statement to Inside Edition, "If an individual initiates an emergency response by police or fire for a situation that they know did not occur, they can not only be criminally charged, but they could also endanger someone's life."

Adrienne's case was later dropped.