Reckless Driving Cause of Crash That Left Kevin Hart With Serious Back Injury: Police

Kevin Hart

The comedian's attorney said he won't be fully back to work until next year.

While Kevin Hart is "doing a little work here and there" about a month after suffering serious back injuries in a car crash that destroyed his vintage Plymouth, it will still be some time before he'll be back to a regular schedule.

"... He doesn’t expect to be fully back to work until the new year,” Hart's attorney Andrew BrettlerBrettler told several media outlets.

Hart spoke publicly for the first time since the Sep. 1 wreck, saying in a statement that he has "nothing but love" for the driver of the car and the other passenger. He wished the couple "a speedy recovery."

Hart was riding in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda in Malibu when the driver, friend Jared Black, lost control and the vehicle veered off the highway and crashed into a ditch. Hart reportedly broke his spine and underwent surgery to repair the damage. He's able to walk but is doing physical therapy to continue recovering.

California Highway Patrol released a detailed report about the crash, listing reckless driving as the cause.

Photos of the scene obtained by TMZ showed Hart's blue car mangled on the side of the road. The roof was crushed from the crash. Police told the tabloid the driver had not been drinking. First responders had to cut off the roof and pull out Black, who became trapped behind the steering wheel, according to the report obtained by NBC.

The report said Black was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash.