David Beckham and Judy Dench do the ‘100 Challenge’ to Honor Captain Tom Moore's Legacy

With the '100 Challenge,' the rules are simple: just do anything 100 times.

Could you do something 100 times to raise money for a good cause? That’s what people in the U.K. are inspired to do right now.

In 2020, Captain Sir Tom Moore set out to walk 100 laps around his garden ahead of his 100th birthday. It got tons of attention, and he was about to help raise over $53 million to help fight coronavirus. Sadly, Moore passed away earlier this year.

Now with his 101st birthday approaching, his family wants to carry on his legacy. They are asking folks to do 100 of — well, whatever. “Invent your challenge around the number 100. And you imagine, if he was still here, he would just be thinking this was the best thing ever,” said Captain Tom’s daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore.

Celebrities are getting in on the act too. Dame Judi Dench ate 100 pieces of chocolate candy. David Beckham kicked a soccer ball 100 times.

Others took to social media to note how they planned to participate. 

Not only is the “100 Challenge” fun, but it’s a great way to carry on Captain Tom’s legacy of helping others.