Britain's Oldest Man With Down Syndrome Celebrates 77th Birthday

Doctors said George Wildgust wouldn't live past the age of 10.

Britain’s oldest person with Down syndrome is celebrating his 77th birthday.

Doctors said George Wildgust wouldn't live past the age of 10, but he’s surpassed that by decades. In August, he celebrated his special day surrounded by loved ones.

Nikki Wright, his niece who visits him every week, said she’s proud of how he’s prospered. 

“It’s amazing for him to get to this age. My grandma was told he would not live past 10 years old because of his Down syndrome. But they were wrong. Look at him now,” Wright told SWNS. "It’s probably because he had such a lovely childhood with my grandma and granddad and when he came into the home as well he really was looked after.”

Although Wildgust’s parents died, he still has one sibling whom he FaceTimes with regularly. 

Wildgust's love of dancing and being around friends is what he credits for his long life. The life expectancy of someone with Down syndrome is around 50.

"He was always told by his mom that he can do anything and because of that, he has always been very independent,” Wright said. "Nobody picked on him, they all took him under their wing and looked after him. It was one big happy community who looked out for each other. So he's always been very sociable.”

Wildgust has a girlfriend and lives in a home with 12 other residents. 

"I think being kept busy and socializing here has really helped him. The staff are amazing and it is such a family here," Wright added.